What is ACCoin?

ACCoin is the short form of Australian Crypto Coin. It is a project from an Australian crypto company that aims to solve some of the major problems in the current financial industry. The company started its operations in 2021 by setting up a payment infrastructure using the BEP-20 token. And in 2024, it plans to launch a platform to raise funds for projects with a goal of raising $10 million in the calendar year. ACCOIN is a fintech lending platform that underwrites investments in the infrastructure, real estate and captive sectors. It allows retail, high net worth individuals (HNIs) and institutional investors to diversify their investments and deploy a fraction of the total project cost with a focus on projects from the Australian market first.

The project features an ultimate centralized lending platform, apps, and a BEP-20 token- ACCG. It creates new opportunities for lenders, borrowers, and investors and if you also want to be a part in it, invest in ACCG now!


Fintech Lending Platform

ACCoinGreen will launch a dedicated fintech lending platform for raising funds for projects with a target of raising $10 million in the calendar year.


Tokenizing investments

ACCoin enables investors to buy and sell their holdings easily, thereby providing greater liquidity and flexibility. It is offering new opportunities for investment and growth.



ACCG is a BEP-20 token, the wrapped version having backing of real-estate. It provides an opportunity to participate in large-scale projects while minimizing their risk exposure.

Benefits and Scope ACCG Coin

Here are the 5 major benefits of ACCOIN:


Centralized Platform

Provides greater transparency, security, and efficiency.


High Liquidity

Easy to buy and sell investments.


Customized Loan Terms

Tailored to borrowers specific needs.


Quick Turnaround

Loans approved and funded quickly.


Competitive Rate Offerings

Lower interest rates compared to traditional lending methods.

Australian Crypto Coin Green (ACCG) Contract

In the world of blockchain technology, a token serves as a powerful representation of both on-chain and off-chain assets.
The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers, and social links.




Token Symbol


Total Supply :

Public Sale :

Team :


Roadmap From idea to success

The project consists of several stages, check the timeline for the AccoinGreen project below and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Q2 2023

New Wrap idea is created.

Wrap ideas are put out to the public to present investment opportunities for wrapping.

Technical requirements validation and blockchain experts start technical development.

Q3 2023

Technical development initiated followed by strategic partnership.

Creation of:

legal and compliance frameworks,



Token Launch and Listing on Exchanges.

Marketing and PR efforts begin.

Q4 2023

Token sale and distribution

Platform and product Launch, Investor Outreach and Partnership Initiatives.

Development and test of Wrap Structure.

Q1 2024

Public Presentation of Wrap Investment Opportunities

Gather Feedback and Refine Concepts

FInal Launch of Wrap Structures for Investment

Expand Marketing Efforts

Fully-Functional ecosystems will be alive

Q2 2024

Redesign Website

Exchange Listing for Fund Raised.

Change Contract

Update Listing for CMC and CG with New Contract

Q3 2024

Acquiring AFSL (license)

Apply For a New Exchange Listing

Engaging consultants

Q4 2024

Finding lenders and investors to invest in projects that are already completed

Making completed projects available to the investors/lenders.

Experienced Management Leading from the Top


Cameron Guymer


Has over a decade of experience in management across retail and healthcare. He has been instrumental in formation of strategy for product, tech, marketing and onboarding investors Experienced in networking, resource management and innovative offerings through new age solutions in the areas of fintech space.


SAG InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

Tech & Marketing

SAG Infotech with a decade of experience in block chain development, architecture designing is advising, developing and maintaining systems for Accoin

Specializes in ICO, token, wallet, P2P exchange, NFTs, development as well as marketing of these services


Hamilton Locke


Advising Accoin on wrapped structures, agreements between investors and project developers, financial services licensing requirements, and other regulatory requirements

International corporate and commercial law firm with specializations in financial services and cryptocurrency.


At ACCOIN, our vision is to revolutionize the financial industry by providing a centralized platform for investing and transacting that meets the demand and supply of efficient capital for all stakeholders.

Our project, the Australian Crypto Coin, aims to solve existing problems in the financial industry by tokenizing investments in infrastructure, real estate, and captive sectors. This allows investors to diversify their investments and participate in large-scale projects while minimizing their risk exposure. By deploying “AccoinGreen” to raise funds in the form of private debt, we provide investors with an opportunity to participate in the potential of the Australian market while reducing risk through diversification.

Our ecosystem, which includes the Accoin Platform, mobile and web-based apps, and ACCG coin, incorporates various technologies and strategies to provide the best experience and opportunities for our users.

For borrowers, we offer a centralized platform beyond traditional methods, high liquidity, customized terms, quick turnaround, and competitive rate offerings. Overall, our vision is to provide new opportunities for investment and growth with our lending and transaction platform and ACCoin Token.