AccoinGreen is streamlining the Payment infrastructure AccoinGreen: The Revolution in Payment Infrastructure, We've All Been Waiting for.

AccoinGreen is designed for individual traders and the modern business ecosystem. It is an innovative payment network and a new type of money.

What is AccoinGreen?

AccoinGreen is one of the revolutionary projects by Australian Crypto Coin PTY LTD. It is here to bring changes in the payment infrastructure. It utilizes the BEP-20 token standard and Binance smart chain to make its payment platform safer, faster, and also beneficial to the environment.

The AccoinGreen (ACCG) represents world GDP, and with a proper business plan, its value grows with time. The platform with a better payment system will ensure instant transaction, faster processing, and integration with all the sectors will make it easy to adopt.

The payment platform will back ACCG coin, which is a BEP-20 token and it will be used in the complete ecosystem.

Top-notch Security

Whether it is payment or processing, AccoinGreen provides a highly secure environment for all the activities.

Transfer money easily

With a robust platform and its own crypto currency, AccoinGreen platform is streamlining the transaction process.

Reduce carbon footprint

We will take 1% of every transaction and purchase carbon credits helping bring the world closer to zero net carbon.

Benefits and Scope ACCG Coin

AccoinGreen is proudly addressing some of the major issues that exist in the payments sector. With BSC Blockchain technology, the company is not only making transactions faster, but also trying to revolutionize the existing model. ACCG will provide opportunities to everyone by streamlining the payment process. Investors will be able to generate more ROI, users, whether sender or receiver will get a faster platform.

Low taxes and fees

Since ACCG Coin is a BEP-20 token that utilizes the power of BSC, It levies very low charges on transaction, exchange, withdrawal and other activities.

Instant transaction

The Payment platform is faster and users can send or receive money instantly without any delay or need of a middleman.

Safe and secure

Cryptocurrency is secure so the blockchain is, but Binance smart chain actually strengthens the security even more.

Feature rich dashboard

The ecosystem has various features and opportunities and a user can manage most of the things simply with a common dashboard.

More Opportunities

Everyone at AccoinGreen will have lots of opportunities to earn more, to experience a better platform and to make regular profit.


The Timeline

Check the AccoinGreen project timeline below. The project includes various steps and if you have any query then feel free to contact us.